RoR & ReactJS developer

I'm Robert, problem solver for tech companies.

Junior developer since may 2016. In the last 3 years: I've helped 3 startups get funding ($500k). Helped another 120+ with marketing strategy. Or as it is called "growth hacking". But I experienced that 99% of startups that I've helped weren't even getting to break even. The usual story was we need more budget for the development team.
That became a repeating thing so I started with programming:

  1. Via Treehouse in may 2016.
  2. To improve my skills, I joined the traineeship at Codaisseur. Focusing on Ruby on Rails and Reactjs.

  3. Then for the tech details:

  4. My github.
  5. I've also worked on a team project: and the connected repo.
  6. Finally the portfolio of companies that I've helped so far.
  7. I'm able to work with: Ruby, RSpec, Rails, JS/Node (incl. ES6), Mocha, Chai, React, Redux, SQL, HTML5, CSS3 & Sass.
  8. My primary skill is that I learn new concepts fast.

Currently I'm looking for a ft jr dev job( FE/BE ) for 5 - 6 days a week around Amsterdam. If you have an opportunity, please send me an email: . Oh and here's my CV.

Stretching goal:

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